May 18

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Standing in line at the DMV. It’s quite possibly the single most common constituent complaint about doing business with government. Renewing a driver’s license in person is frustrating and time-consuming, and it exemplifies everything residents dislike about engaging with the public sector.

Many other countries have already reimagined this process with digital verification technology that enables constituents to confirm their identity conveniently, securely and remotely – without ever setting foot in the DMV.

Join us May 18 at 11 PT/ 2 ET for an informative discussion on how secure online face verification technology can transform constituent service delivery for the DMV and many other government agencies.

This half-hour webinar will cover:

  • New, just-published data on consumer satisfaction and constituent expectations for government services
  • How digital face verification delivers a simple authentication experience that’s secure, convenient and respectful of user privacy
  • How to prioritize inclusivity and accessibility in online identity verification
  • Technology to help meet the coming surge of REAL ID requirements


Otto Doll

Otto Doll — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government

As the Minneapolis CIO for seven-plus years, Mr. Doll was responsible for all city IT services. He also served as South Dakota's CIO for 15 years with responsibility for all state government computing, telecommunications, radio, and public broadcasting.

Joe Palmer

Joe Palmer

President, iProov Inc

Having joined iProov as employee number two in 2012, Joe was responsible for building the first prototype of iProov’s Flashmark technology. He then moved into a commercial role before relocating to Maryland to lead iProov’s US operations. Before iProov, Joe was co-founder and director of a web consultancy, where he successfully delivered large and complex web-based e-commerce and secure information solutions for clients such as the NHS and Shell. He has a degree in Computer Science from University College London (UCL).

Roger Morrison

Roger Morrison

Regional Sales Director, Public Sector, iProov Inc

Roger Morrison has worked in the technology industry for over 20 years, specializing in biometric solutions and working across the Federal, SLED, Public Sector, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice markets.