April 20

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Data is the lifeblood of any modern state or local government, but its increasingly sophisticated use prompts important questions:

  • How do we keep residents’ personal data information secure in an age of evolving security threats?
  • What policies should we have in place to protect data privacy?
  • How can we be sure we have the right data and use it at the right time?
  • Are we prepared to integrate our data into emerging technologies like artificial intelligence – and what are the implications?

Get answers to these questions and more by joining Governing and Government Technology on April 20 at 10 a.m. Pacific/1 p.m. Eastern for our second conversation as part of our Cybersecurity Resilience Initiative, “Dealing with Data: The Challenges of Security and Privacy of Government’s Greatest Asset.”



Phil Bertolini

Phil Bertolini — Moderator

Co-Executive Director, Center for Digital Government

Phil Bertolini is the Co-Executive Director of the Center for Digital Government (CDG), a national research and advisory institute on information technology policies and best practices in state and local government. Previously, he served as deputy county executive and CIO for Oakland County, Michigan.

During his 31-year tenure, Phil built a world-class IT organization in the second-largest county in Michigan, just north of Detroit. As Oakland County CIO, he oversaw more than 150 employees serving over 1.2 million residents. In 2005, he was also promoted to deputy county executive, holding dual positions until his retirement.

Phil’s efforts earned the county national attention, winning numerous awards for technology innovation and excellence. He was named one of Governing Magazine’s Public Official of the Year and Government Technology Magazine’s Top 25 Doers, Dreamers & Drivers. He was also honored by the President Obama White House as a Champion of Change for 2012.

Rohit Tandon

Rohit Tandon

Chief Information Security Officer, Minnesota and Assistant Commissioner for Minnesota IT Services

Rohit has 15 years of experience in the Information Security industry, He started in the field at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota with a focus on building secure electronic health record systems and championed medical device security.

Before Rohit joined MNIT's efforts as Deputy CISO to protect fellow Minnesotans' data, he served as the Information Security Leader at Strategic Education, Inc. where he assisted in the merger of Capella Education Company and Strayer Education, Inc. His work for the combined post-merger organization included forming the central Information Security department.

Tim Roemer

Tim Roemer

Director of Homeland Security and Chief Information Security Officer, Arizona

In July of 2019, Tim Roemer was appointed as Arizona’s Chief Information Security Officer. He has been working for the State of Arizona since the beginning of Governor Doug Ducey’s administration, where he most recently served as the Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs. Prior to that, Tim held a dual role as the Governor’s Public Safety Advisor and the Deputy Director for the Arizona Department of Homeland Security. In his roles in the Governor’s Office, he served on the Arizona-Mexico Commission’s Security Committee and has advised the Governor on a wide range of topics including cybersecurity, border security, and counterterrorism.

Prior to joining the State of Arizona, Tim admirably served in the Central Intelligence Agency for 10 years. The final two years of his CIA career were spent as a nonpartisan detailee to the White House Situation Room, where he provided critical national security updates to the President, Vice President, and National Security Council. In this role, he briefed senior U.S. policy makers on a diverse range of national security related issues.