November 12

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Smart city technologies hold huge promise for improving safety and security for citizens. Smart lighting can automatically adjust based on the proximity of pedestrians or suspicious activity. Sensor data can provide situational awareness and help target the allocation of law enforcement resources. Video from camera networks and drones can support criminal investigations. This webcast will look at how smart city technology can strengthen public safety today, and how it will evolve in the future.

  • How does growing use of video and other rich media impact law enforcement technology requirements?
  • How can cities implement smart policing technologies while balancing privacy concerns and building community trust?
  • How are cities harnessing drones, data/video analytics and other new technologies to improve safety?
  • What opportunities are on the horizon?


Alison Brooks, Ph.D.

Alison Brooks, Ph.D.

Research Vice President, Smart Cities and Communities, Public Safety, IDC

Patricia Zullo

Patricia Zullo

Sr. Director IoT & Smart City Solutions, Spectrum Enterprise

Bob Bennett

Bob Bennett — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government