October 11

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From shopping to learning to connecting with friends and more, a big part of citizens’ lives is now conducted online. In this environment, state and local governments are challenged to deliver digital experiences that meet sky-high citizen expectations. According to new research conducted by the Center for Digital Government (CDG) and sponsored by Conduent, 62 percent of citizens think governments should experiment with new technology offerings.

On October 11th at 11am PT, we’re unpacking these research findings to better understand citizens’ preferences and priorities and discussing how government organizations can best tailor their digital interactions. Join us for this informative, hour-long webinar to learn:

  • The top ways agencies can improve citizen adoption of online services
  • What concerns citizens most when interacting with government digitally
  • How agencies can enhance the citizen experience now and in the future


Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn

Business Development Consultant, Conduent Health and Human Services Eligibility

Christine is an accomplished leader with 20+ years of experience in government healthcare services, Christine draws on her expertise to evaluate operational processes, deliver innovative solutions, and contribute to performance improvement. Conduent creates digital platforms and services for businesses and governments, driving modern digital experiences that are efficient, helpful and satisfying.

Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government

Patrick spent 8 years working for Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue, who was committed to making Georgia the best managed state in the nation. Patrick helped Governor Perdue implement an organizational model that was unique to government, and served as state CIO from 2006-2010. During that time Patrick led a transformational restructuring of the state's technology function. Patrick's most recent experience in the private sector put him in a leading role for some of the largest strategic procurements in the state government market in the last four years. He is the managing principal for Set Consulting, and is working to help governments and private sector firms implement strategies and partnerships that harness technology's power for outcomes that benefit citizens.

Teri Takai

Teri Takai — Moderator

Executive Director of the Center for Digital Government (CDG)

As the first female CIO for the DoD, she spearheaded efforts to consolidate technology infrastructure and create a cybersecurity workforce strategy at the federal government’s largest agency. Prior to her federal service, Takai led state government technology offices in California and Michigan.In addition to her government service, Takai was CIO of Meridian Health Plan, a Detroit-based health insurer, and spent 30 years at Ford Motor Company in strategic planning and global application development. She will continue to serve on the board of FirstNet, the national public safety broadband effort, in addition to her role with CDG.