October 8

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Local officials in recent years have worked hard to modernize all aspects of elections – including new voting machines, streamlined poll worker management, tighter security for voter databases and more.

One key aspect that’s often overlooked is campaign finance. Managing candidate filings, ensuring eligibility and enforcing campaign finance compliance is a complex process that requires valuable time and resources.  Additionally, keeping up with changing state regulations can be a challenge.

Automating these processes is an important way to ensure consistency and accuracy on campaign finance – and it all reduces the demands on staff time, allowing them to focus on other areas of need.

To provide City and County Officials with insights on this vital topic, Government Technology is partnering with EasyVote Solutions October 8 at 11 a.m. Pacific/2 p.m. Eastern, for a free one-hour webinar on automating campaign finance processes. As a participant, you will:

· Hear directly from local city and county officials about their experience modernizing campaign finance management
· Get updates on how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting campaign filing practices, and how automation can eliminate the need for in-person filings
· Learn how automation reduces uncertainty by ensuring an accurate record of filings, along with a full history of all communication and any fines or fees levied against a candidate


Evelyn Scott

Evelyn Scott

Compliance Manager, City of Atlanta

Evelyn M. Scott is a Compliance Manager at the City of Atlanta’s Office of Municipal Clerk. Evelyn manages and supports the City’s campaign finance disclosure reporting system and develops and coordinates all the ethics and campaign finance training for candidates and elected officials. Evelyn has more than 20 years of combined legal, real estate, business development and information technology experience. Evelyn holds a BA in Legal Studies\Cybersecurity from the University of Maryland and a Certificate in Software Engineering and Project Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Heider Garcia

Heider Garcia

Tarrant County Elections Administrator, Tarrant County, Texas

Heider Garcia is a Computer Engineer with a passion for serving people and solving problems. After graduating from college, Heider started working as a software developer for a company that soon after entered the elections business. In the following years Heider took care of voting machine deployment and certification for 12 nation-wide election processes, each involving deployment of 30,000 voting machines and a voter registration of 18M voters in average.

In 2009, he was selected as the Election Systems Manager for the Project Team that ran the 2010 Automated Elections in the Philippines. In a country of over 50 million registered voters, Heider was responsible for customizing the technology, certifying the solution under VVSG standards in the United States, and ensuring 100% compliance with the local legislation. At the end of the project, he also took on the responsibility of answering to both Congress and Senate of the Philippines when the Oversight Committees required information.

In 2015 Heider took on the position of Elections Manager in Placer County, California. For almost 2 years, Heider ran the elections in the County, while also creating the Elections Wiki knowledgebase for the County and the Customer Satisfaction Program.

In February 2018, Heider accepted the position of Elections Administrator of Tarrant County. In the past 2 years, Heider has implemented the new Electronic Poll Book platform, a new line of voting equipment and successfully joined the Vote Centers program. In July 2020 Tarrant County received an Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties in the category of Information Technology for Modernizing Election Systems.

Ron Davis

Ron Davis

Chief Executive Officer, EasyVote Solutions

Ron Davis is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of EasyVote Solutions. For the past 25 years, Ron has been a leader in driving technology solutions to the marketplace. From technology start-ups to worldwide corporations, Ron has used his sales, marketing, and management skills to help drive multi-million dollar revenue goals. By always using the mantra of “value creation”, Ron has successfully rolled out new products, rolled out existing products to new markets, re-tooled sales forces for more success and created indirect sales forces where there was none before. Today through EasyVote, Ron is using his skills to develop software solutions to automate election processes and increase efficiency and productivity for our customers.

Dustin Haisler

Dustin Haisler — Moderator

Chief Innovation Officer, e.Republic, Inc.

Dustin Haisler is the Chief Innovation Officer of Government Technology's parent company e.Republic. Previously the finance director and later CIO for Manor, Texas, a small city outside Austin, Haisler quickly built a track record and reputation as an early innovator in civic tech. As Chief Innovation Officer, Haisler has a strategic role to help shape the company’s products, services and future direction. Primarily, he leads e.Republic Labs, a market connector created as an ecosystem to educate, accelerate and ultimately scale technology innovation within the public sector.