July 22

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A new fiscal year has begun for the State of California and the Governor has signed a $202 billion budget. What will be its impact on information technology spending? The new budget will fund several technology projects and initiatives, but the nature of this budget is different. Times are more turbulent and it has impacted state spending. It’s critical for those who do business with California state and local government to understand the budget landscape and how the funds will be spent at the departmental level.  


Join us on July 22 where Joe Morris, e.Republic’s VP of Research, will walk you through the new budget and dive into the opportunities, trends and priorities for the year to come. He will provide actionable insights you can apply to your California state and local government marketing and sales strategies. At the end of the briefing, we will answer your most pressing questions. 


During this briefing, we will discuss: 

  • What’s included in the budget
  • How much will go to technology spending
  • What technologies the state plans to invest in
  • How the decreased budget will affect IT spending


Joe Morris

Joe Morris

VP of Research, e.Republic

Joseph Morris is vice president of Research and a national keynote speaker on issues, trends and drivers impacting state and local government and education. He has authored publications and reports on funding streams, technology investment areas and public-sector priorities, and has led roundtables, projects and initiatives focused on issues within the public sector. Joe has conducted state and local government research with e.Republic since 2007 and knows the ins and outs of government on all levels. He received his Bachelor of Arts in government and international relations from the California State University, Sacramento.

Alan Cox

Alan Cox — Moderator

Executive VP, e.Republic

Alan is Executive Vice President of e.Republic and Publisher of Government Technology magazine, where he is involved in the annual production of dozens of events as well as the editorial direction for Governing, Government Technology, Emergency Management, the Center for Digital Government, and the Center for Digital Education. Held regionally in state capitols and large metropolitan areas, the events address key strategy and policy issues as well as the use of information technology in state and local government and education.

Alan has been a guest lecturer at universities and a frequent speaker for key government and industry organizations. For over 35 years, Alan has worked with industry, education and government officials to help them better understand the importance and use of information technology. Alan received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at California State University, Sacramento.