October 13


Gartner outlined Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) as a new framework that converges networking and network security into a unified platform built and managed on cloud-native architectures.

That was in 2019. A lot has changed since then.

The disruptions of the past 18 months completely redefined the security environment. The remote workforce calls for new agility and flexibility in securing the network, and the idea of permanent hybrid work creates new challenges for the future. Meanwhile, cyber threats continue to evolve and grow more sophisticated.
State and local governments must continue to evolve their SASE solutions.

Join us October 13 for a 30-minute webinar on this timely topic. As a participant, you’ll learn:

· How SASE has already impacted governments’ cybersecurity approaches
· How to layer in additional security aspects, such as zero-trust, into your SASE platform
· What you need to know to get started