June 18

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How well do you know your suppliers? Is your supplier data dynamic? Are you proactively monitoring the performance and risk of suppliers across agencies?

Public procurement professionals spend countless hours every year trying to track supplier information and find new sources of supply to drive competition, meet strategic goals or mitigate risk. Modernizing supplier management and discovery processes can bring much-needed efficiencies to these tasks, enabling governments to more nimbly respond to new and existing challenges. Join Government Technology and Ivalua on June 18 to learn how new tools can help bring instant visibility into your existing supplier base. This hour-long webcast will also cover how you can:

  • Enhance your abilities to efficiently and effectively vet and qualify suppliers
  • Discover new suppliers to drive competition, value and diversity
  • Proactively mitigate supplier risks to be more prepared for times of crisis and stability


Dugan Petty

Dugan Petty — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government

Matt Palackdharry

Matt Palackdharry

Vice President of Sales & Strategy, Tealbook

Jarrod McAdoo

Jarrod McAdoo

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Public Sector Solutions, Ivalua