October 15

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In many ways, transportation and transit agencies are at the forefront of smart city transformation. Low-cost sensors are simplifying and enhancing infrastructure maintenance. Smart parking and traffic light systems are reducing congestion and improving safety. And rapidly maturing autonomous vehicle technology is beginning to change both public transit and personal transportation. This webcast will explain how smart technologies are impacting the work of local transportation departments, and how they should prepare for the opportunities and challenges these advancements will bring.

  • How will smart transportation initiatives impact your technology needs?
  • How will smart transportation impact short- and long-term planning?
  • What are cities doing today with smart transportation initiatives?
  • What steps should your community take to prepare for the future?


Bob Bennett

Bob Bennett — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government

Patricia Zullo

Patricia Zullo

Sr. Director Smart City Solutions, Spectrum Enterprise

Luke A. Stedke

Luke A. Stedke

Managing Director, Communications and Policy, DriveOhio