November 13
11:30AM PT, 2:30PM ET

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The decentralized nature of higher education makes it difficult to obtain a holistic view of spending. To complicate things, where and how budgets are being allocated is often under a lot of scrutiny. Campus leaders face high expectations to keep enrollment and graduation rates up and the public and other stakeholders want to know what is being done to achieve this. Trying to overcome these challenges in the era of COVID-19 and reduced federal and state funding is not an easy task.

On Nov. 13th, the Center for Digital Education is bringing together a visionary panel of higher education leaders from throughout the country to talk through these purchasing pain points and raise critical questions around what can be done to streamline spending in the future. Register now for this webcast to participate in interactive discussions around:

  • How institutions can gain a unified view of spending without taking away the independence of individual departments
  • The advantages of obtaining big-picture visibility across all budgets
  • How a better handle on spend could impact grant tracking and reporting





Steve Smith

Steve Smith

CIO, University of Nevada, Reno

Michael Matthews

Michael Matthews

VP of Innovation and Technology Oral Roberts University

Kecia Ray

Kecia Ray — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Education