May 19

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The COVID-19 crisis dramatically illustrated the value of IT flexibility and resiliency. State and local agencies across the nation needed to rapidly virtualize their workforces and services to slow the spread of the virus while continuing vital government operations. In too many cases, legacy technologies made it difficult for agencies to launch, scale and secure remote work and other urgently needed initiatives. Now, as communities gradually enter the recovery phase, it’s time to consider how this experience shapes IT planning for what comes next.

Join us May 19 for an insightful discussion on how IT flexibility supports resiliency. Center for Digital Government Co-Director Teri Takai and David Egts, Chief Technologist for Red Hat's North America Public Sector organization, will explore how open source solutions can help agencies improve their ability to respond quickly to changing requirements while also driving cost savings. You’ll learn:

  • Why flexibility is key to resiliency and business continuity
  • How open source technologies enable flexibility in daily operations and during disruptive events
  • How open source accelerates digital transformation and lowers costs


Teri Takai

Teri Takai — Moderator

Executive Director, Center for Digital Government

Teri Takai is the Executive Director of the Center for Digital Government, a national research and advisory institute on information technology policies and best practices in state and local government. She worked for Ford Motor Company for 30 years in global application development and information technology strategic planning. From Ford, she moved to EDS in support of General Motors.

A long-time interest in public service led her to the government sector, first as CIO of the State of Michigan, then as CIO of the State of California, and subsequently the CIO of the U.S. Department of Defense, the first woman appointed to this role. She then served as the CIO for Meridian Health Plan. She is a member of several industry advisory boards.

David Egts

David Egts

Chief Technologist, Public Sector, Red Hat

David Egts is the Chief Technologist of Red Hat's North America Public Sector organization. As the intersection between public sector customers and Red Hat engineering and product management, his customer interactions and domain expertise blend customer needs with industry trends to help Red Hat define open source computing in the enterprise. He has achieved Red Hat's highest level of certification as a Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA), and has received Red Hat's highest employee honor as a Red Hat Chairman's Award recipient.