May 18

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With the recent passing of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act or CARES Act, election officials across the country have new funding available to secure and modernize their election processes. In addition to election security, one of the biggest gaps has been in modernizing the overall election management process – from automated campaign finance reports and poll worker management tools to the asset management of the voting machines themselves. Join us May 18 at 11am PST/2pm EST for a rapid 30-minute webinar that breaks down how to modernize the election management process and what new funding is available to help you do so.

Specifically, you’ll learn:
• How to increase productivity and adaptability in your election management.
• How election management systems can be used to modernize legacy election processes.
• Funding opportunities for election management modernization.


Ron Davis

Ron Davis

Chief Executive Officer, EasyVote Solutions

Ron Davis is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of EasyVote Solutions. For the past 25 years, Ron has been a leader in driving technology solutions to the marketplace. From technology start-ups to worldwide corporations, Ron has used his sales, marketing, and management skills to help drive multi-million dollar revenue goals. By always using the mantra of “value creation”, Ron has successfully rolled out new products, rolled out existing products to new markets, re-tooled sales forces for more success and created indirect sales forces where there was none before. Today through EasyVote, Ron is using his skills to develop software solutions to automate election processes and increase efficiency and productivity for our customers.

Jason Barnett

Jason Barnett

Director of Business Development, EasyVote Solutions

Jason brings more than 20 years of experience in the election industry working in both the public and private sectors. Jason served as the Elections Administrator for Williamson County, Texas and before that as Deputy Elections Administrator for Denton County, Texas. Prior to his role as an election official, Jason worked for several vendors in the election marketplace including Election Systems and Software (ES&S), the VOTEC Corporation and Scytl. In 2015, Jason received his certification as a Certified Elections/Registration Vendor (CERV) from Auburn University’s Election Center. As a former elections administrator who understands the complexities of preparing for and conducting elections, Jason brings an extraordinary blend of election knowledge and experience focused on helping county elections offices achieve their goals for accurate and successful elections.

Dustin Haisler

Dustin Haisler — Moderator

Chief Innovation Officer, e.Republic

Dustin Haisler is the Chief Innovation Officer for e.Republic. As the finance director and later CIO for Manor, TX, a small city outside Austin, Haisler quickly built a track record and reputation as an early innovator in civic tech. A member of Code for America’s original steering committee, Haisler pioneered government use of commercial technologies not before used in the public sector – including Quick-Response (QR) barcodes, crowdsourcing and gamification. In 2010 Haisler launched Manor Labs, a website that let residents submit their own ideas and vote other peoples’ ideas up or down. The most popular suggestions went to city officials for review and possible implementation. Haisler looked to the private sector to help broaden the adoption of these and other civic innovations, joining California-based Spigit as director of government innovation.