September 23


The City of Santa Monica, California, had a prescient goal: digitizing its onboarding process to drastically reduce paperwork and provide a much better experience for incoming city personnel. When the pandemic hit in 2020, the city escalated this process, moving to a cloud-based system that will go live city-wide this month.

Like many other municipalities throughout the country, Santa Monica’s HR department struggled with an onboarding process riddled with binders of documents, paper benefits package documentation and more that new employees needed to sift through and sign. That paperwork then had to be filed and stored. It was a tedious undertaking for new employees that likely did not inspire confidence in the tools they would use in their new role.

Join Government Technology on Sept. 23 as we talk with Santa Monica city leaders about the benefits they have gained and lessons learned from modernizing their HR and onboarding processes, as well as other wins they have achieved by digitizing workflows across the enterprise – including IT Service Management, 311 and more.

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