June 9

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The volume of public records requests rose an average of 35 percent since March of 2020, while the complexity of those requests grew by 18 percent. Clearly, the COVID-19 pandemic, national protests and economic disruption made the work of fulfilling public records requests even more challenging. To keep pace with this growing demand and reduce the risk of violating public records laws, government organizations must embrace new ways of handling these requests.

Join experts from Government Technology and GovQA on June 9 at 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET for a special 30-minute Lunch and Learn webinar that will delve into the results of a first-of-its-kind benchmark study on the growth of public records requests and discuss strategies government organizations can use to manage this growing challenge.

We’ll also explore:
- Why the complexity of public records requests is likely to continue given the increased awareness of public records accessibility and rights by the public; the fracturing of media requests; and the increase in precedents for successful litigation in public records compliance lawsuits
- How you can create a more data-driven and efficient process for responding to public records requests
- How to leverage new funding streams to start modernizing your public records requests activities today


Jennifer Snyder

Jennifer Snyder

Chief Evangelist, GovQA

As GovQA Evangelist, Jen is interested in meaningful conversations that look both at the big picture, as well as dig deep into nitty-gritty best-practice working sessions on all government challenges and opportunities including those related to technology, transparency, security, procurement, legislative mandates, compliance, staffing challenges, and more. Jen’s 15 years of experience in the state and local government space includes guest speaking and moderating for government events, roundtables, and associations. She has another 10 years of experience managing local and international business development initiatives for B2B tech companies.

Paul Clanton

Paul Clanton — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government

Paul has devoted his career to helping local governments be on the forefront of using technology to increase value delivered to the public. He has over 30 years in various Information technology roles in both the public and private sectors including 20 years leading Information Technology departments. He now helps local governments get the most value from their significant investment in people, process, and technology.

Some of Paul’s accomplishments include leading two different IT organizations that earned Top-10 Digital Counties Survey awards for a combined 11 times. He has also earned an InformationWeek 500 Government Innovators award.

Paul holds Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Science in Information Systems degrees as well as undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Psychology.