October 3

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FirstNet has been a topic in state, local and federal public safety and emergency management organizations for the past five years. Now, as states make their decision to participate, the discussion is focused on the need for interoperable communications brought in sharper focus with the events in Texas.

FirstNet will also bring an ecosystem to spur innovation for those organizations and companies who develop and implement solutions that provide the data and information for public safety and emergency management.

What types of applications will we see? How easy will it be to introduce those applications to all the customers of FirstNet? How is NIST helping to spur innovative applications?
We Will Discuss:
• What is the FirstNet ecosystem for innovative applications?
• How easy will it be to use?
• How will FirstNet ensure security, priority and preemption for those applications?
• How will FirstNet customers access those applications?
• How will NIST and PSCR spur innovation through grants?
• What awards were made in the first grant program?


Jeff Bratcher

Jeff Bratcher

Chief Technology Officer, First Responder Network Authority - FirstNet

Dereck Orr

Dereck Orr

Division Chief, Public Safety Communications Division, NIST Communications Technology Laboratory and Program Manager, Public Safety Communications Research Program

Teri Takai

Teri Takai — Moderator

Executive Director, Center for Digital Government