August 17

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Various intelligent transportation system (ITS) and road safety applications allow CDOT to collect real-time information from its highways on weather, traffic congestion, animal presence and other conditions. This information gives CDOT the ability to make real-time critical decisions about how to improve safety and efficiency for people traveling through the state. All of this is possible because of CDOT’s intelligent and adaptive network foundation that provides the performance, resiliency and redundancy necessary to fuel ITS innovation and the evolution towards ‘automated highways’ and autonomous vehicles. Join Government Technology and Ciena on August 17th to learn more about the technologies that make up CDOT’s adaptive network, how they reduce complexity in a dynamic network and what it could mean for the future of transportation across the country. This fast-paced webcast will also cover:

  • The evolution of ITS technologies to improve the motorist experience and resolve common transportation challenges
  • CDOT’s plans to evolve its network to a more automated, software-defined environment that enables edge computing, AI and machine learning
  • How an adaptive network can help IT staff “accomplish more with less”



Bob Fifer

Branch Manager, Colorado Department of Transportation

Daniele Loffreda

Daniele Loffreda

Senior Advisor, State/Local Government and Education (SLED) and Healthcare, Ciena Solutions Development

Bob Woolley

Bob Woolley — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government