July 8

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States and localities throughout the country are re-opening their economies after many weeks of shelter in place orders and regulations. As part of the response to COVID-19, thousands of government workers were rapidly transitioned to remote work. According to a recent CDG survey, nearly 60 percent of government IT employees said they had shifted to a remote working environment due to the pandemic.

State and local government leaders must now confront how to provide a workplace environment that helps ensure employee safety and allow for productivity.

Join Government Technology as we discuss how to get people back to the workplace and stimulate economic activity with trust, empathy and speed.

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    • Take measures to quickly identify and mitigate risk
    • Predict areas of resurgence
    • Balance privacy and security concerns


Myles Lynch

Myles Lynch

Vice President, State, Local, & Education Leader, Global Business Services, IBM

Victoria Pelletier

Victoria Pelletier

Vice President, Talent and Transformation Leader, Global Business Services, IBM

Teri Takai

Teri Takai — Moderator

Executive Director, Center for Digital Government