November 12

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Effective professional licensing protects consumers and supports economic vitality. But all too often, outdated technology slows licensing approvals, makes it difficult for licensing organizations to react to change, and delivers a poor user experience. Join us Nov. 12 to hear how the state of Vermont is using modern cloud-based technology to address these shortcomings.

The Vermont Office of Professional Regulation (OPR) administers more than 75,000 licenses annually, covering more than 220 license types for 50 different professions. OPR Director Lauren Hibbert will share how her organization replaced outdated legacy technology with a flexible and scalable licensing platform. The new cloud solution – which enabled OPR to move all of its licensing processes online -- delivers seamless digital experiences to customers, automates internal processes, and provides agility to respond to change in the wake of COVID-19 and future disruptions.

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  • Used the new technology to onboard 13,000 applicants in less than six weeks, including 3,000 nurses with an average turnaround time of 45 minutes per license.
  • Deployed advanced self-service and case management capabilities to streamline licensing approvals.
  • Gave employees and the public new visibility into the historical context and status of licensed professionals.  This visibility allows employees to make informed licensing decisions and allows the public to make informed decisions about who should provide professional services for their families.


S. Lauren Hibbert

S. Lauren Hibbert

Director, Office of Professional Regulation, Vermont Secretary of State

Rosetta Carrington Lue

Rosetta Carrington Lue

Director, Industry Principal State and Local Government, Pega and former White House Presidential Executive Fellow and City of Philadelphia Chief Customer Experience Officer

Bob Woolley

Bob Woolley — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government