December 3

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Return to campus wellbeing is first and foremost on the mind of every educational institution across the United States. For students"If you’re living in campus housing, it matters a lot to you whether that dorm has two Covid cases or 40 Covid cases" . 

If you are the parent of one of those students, you are concerned how your child will be kept safe.   

If you are the instructor for one of those students, you are concerned for your own safety and how you can effectively teach those students.  

If you are the administration on a campus housing one of those students, you have to have a plan for safely housing all students.  

Join the Center for Digital Education on December 3 at 11 a.m. Pacific/2 p.m. eastern for a one-hour webinar to hear from those closest to the issues in colleges and universities discuss with our experts how they have leveraged technology to assist them as they look to return to campus activity safely during these unprecedented times. General consensus suggests that the need for on-going information and the ability to manage a safe return will remain necessary for many months to come.

Register now and you’ll hear how you can:

  • Prepare students, faculty and staff for return to campus
  • Ensure campus buildings and sites are ready to reopen
  • Identify affected people and mitigate the ongoing exposure risk