September 30

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In the aftermath of COVID-19, migrating to cloud has become an even bigger priority for government and education. During the immediate COVID response, cloud-based solutions were key to implementing remote work and learning, ramping up contact center capacity, and rolling out new services – all with unprecedented speed. Now, many government and education leaders see cloud adoption as fundamental to broader IT modernization. But to make this move successfully, organizations must understand the business case for cloud, the nuances of cloud pricing, and the transition from capital to operating budgets. 

This Government Technology virtual roundtable will bring together IT and business leaders from government and education to discuss the financial and budgetary aspects of moving to the cloud. Join us for an interactive roundtable discussion covering critical issues such as: 

-- Creating a financial strategy for transitioning on-prem systems to cloud

-- Accurately comparing the cost of legacy systems vs. cloud

-- Understanding typical cloud pricing models and how they can impact your organization