June 15

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State and local governments are on the front lines of delivering an economic recovery from the pandemic. The pressure is on to act quickly and decisively. Technology will play a critical role in getting financial help to people who need it, and it’s also an important part of helping government organizations improve accountability, transparency and equity.

Join us June 15 at 11 PT/2 ET as we sit down with former Gov. Martin O’Malley for an in-depth conversation on the role technology will play in helping cities and states come back from the pandemic recession faster, stronger and more equitably.

In this special live virtual event, Gov. O’Malley will discuss:

  • What states and localities should consider as they look to rebound
  • How agencies can get smarter about disbursing and overseeing benefits and services to those residents in need
  • How technology can be leveraged to provide greater transparency and avoid inequity.
  • Creative strategies for seizing this once-in-a-generation opportunity to build out technology infrastructure that can meet the digital  expectations of constituents


Martin J. O'Malley

Martin J. O'Malley

Former Governor of Maryland

As Mayor, O’Malley set Baltimore on course for the largest ten year reduction of crime of any major city in America. As Governor, O’Malley’s leadership made Maryland’s public schools #1 in America for an unprecedented five years in a row. And with a new performance management regimen called, “Baystat”, O’Malley turned around a 300 year decline in the health of the Chesapeake Bay — the largest estuary in North America.

He lectures widely on topics ranging from Climate Change, Healthcare, the Environment, Education, and Smart Cities.

Dilshad Albert

Dilshad Albert

Regional Vice President of State and Local Government at Incapsulate

Dilshad Albert is Regional Vice President of State and Local Government at Incapsulate. Dilshad has 20 years of IT experience including programming, Telecommunications, and Consulting. His broad background in reengineering legacy systems and process improvement has gotten him recognized for his program management skills, hands-on technical acumen, and business analysis abilities. In his role, Dilshad is responsible for developing and executing programs to improve efficiency and drive growth. Prior to joining Incapsulate, Dilshad served as Director of IT Services for the District of Columbia Government.

Teri Takai

Teri Takai — Moderator

Vice President, Center for Digital Government

Teri Takai is the Vice President of the Center for Digital Government, a national research and advisory institute on information technology policies and best practices in state and local government. She worked for Ford Motor Company for 30 years in global application development and information technology strategic planning. From Ford, she moved to EDS in support of General Motors.

A long-time interest in public service led her to the government sector, first as CIO of the State of Michigan, then as CIO of the State of California, and subsequently the CIO of the U.S. Department of Defense, the first woman appointed to this role. She then served as the CIO for Meridian Health Plan. She is a member of several industry advisory boards.